This months Hot Topic is the Online Youth Protection Training.

This training is offered via the Blue Mountain Council, Boy Scouts of America.

The following is copied from the Council Web site;


After February 1, 2003 a Youth Protection Training Course will be available through the web site.

This training will be available to ANYONE - in or out of Scouting.  Those that complete the training will be compared to Scoutnet's PAS data base and if registered as a member of the BSA will be certified as trained in Youth Protection.  Registered leaders will also automatically receive a certificate of completion, a letter from the Scout Executive, an explanation of our reporting procedures, and a course information handout.  Those that are not registered will receive everything except the certificate of completion.

Please share this with your leaders and other community members who work with youth.  Keep in mind that the new local tour permit requires at least one certified adult on all trips. Watch the web site for availability.  

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