This is a complete listing of all links on this site.

PACK ADMINISTRATION INFORMATION***** For CubMasters and Leaders. Awesome Site. A must see.

Blue Mountain Council Boy Scouts of America*

This is a link to our council website with other links to packs in our area.

Pack 439 Organizational Chart*

This is our most current leader chart.

 Academics and Sports Programs*

This is a wonderful site full of information on how your scout can achieve belt loops and pins.
Boy Scout Badge History* A history about early scout badges and other Scout trivia information
Merit Badge Research Center -  Tips on teaching merit badges, lists of rank and merit badge requirements (with and w/o graphics), links to research material, and much more!
Boy Scouts of America* The Official BSA Web Site
Bookmarks for the RTGuy* Great Site including Oregon Scouting History.
FORMS  (Adobe Format)* Another great site for forms.

BSA Fact Sheets*



The is now linked to the National BSA Fact Sheet's page. Each Fact Sheet provides detailed and up-to-date information about every aspect of Scouting: our programs, awards, history, practices, and more.




This page provides information on the Scout uniforms - uniform checklists (what you need to purchase for your Scout as well as uniform inspection sheets, and how to sew all those patches on.

BSA Forms*


The is now linked to the National BSA Forms download page.


Boy Scouts of America - Site Map* Break out of the Frames and find information about the BSA.
Boy Scout Store* Online catalog for BSA
Online Magazine with archives
Cub Scout Roundtable* This is a email listing. They share hints, tips and tactics for running a successful Cub Scout pack.
Cubmaster.Org Resources for Cubmasters and Cub Leaders.
Brought to you by BSA International lots of good information and resources.
Table of Contents Online Version of the Guide to Safe Scouting.
POW WOW Online* Here you will find lots of material to use in pack and den meetings.
Resources for Scout Leaders
Scout Songs* The MacScouter's Songs for Scouts and Scouters collection.
Scouter's Digest* HONOR BOOKSTORE
Scout Net* Global portal for Scouting around the world.  International communication and information exchange between Scouts and Guides.
Scouter Network* Lots of great information on scouting - just about anything that you need.
Scouting Magazine Online version of Scouter Magazine with archives.
Scouting the Net* Scouting The Net A portal for the scouting community including camps and camping, knots and lashing, games, songs, skits, crafts, projects, pow-wows, round tables, training, uniforms, and ranks -- from Tigers to Webelos, Tenderfoot to Eagle.
Scouting Urban Legends* Heard of a rumor or think that the story you heard is true - check it out on here.* Scoutorama is a Scouting resource warehouse. Information is continually added by the thousands of visitors who frequent the site every day.
The Inquiry Net Great site for information about Scouting and how to do things.
The Insane Scouter Web* Resources for Scouting - from JLT to Clipart.  Lots of information.
Scouting Spider* A search engine for Scout Sites.
The Scouting Way * Personal stories from Scout Leaders

U. S. Scouting Service Project at*

Start your online Scouting Adventure with the U.S. Scouting Service Project,
the Scouting Web Portal!
The Virtual Cub Leader's Handbook* "Helping You Deliver The Promise!"
The New Webelos Scout Book The evolution continues. A great site.
BSA Site for WEBELOS to Scout Transition

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